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Our Services

The BCES team can provide service through every step of your natural resource and environmental projects:



  • BEAVER CREEK ENVIRONMENTAL is proud to be a:

    • King County Preferred Wetland Consultant

    • Pierce County Preferred Wetland Consultant/Preferred fish & wildlife habitat assessment consultant

  • GIS and GPS mapping services

  • Wetland delineation and critical area studies

  • Wetland mitigation quantification and plan design

  • Mitigation monitoring plans and monitoring reports

  • Wetland mitigation banking evaluation, design and permitting

  • Low impact development (LID) design consultation

  • Aerial photograph interpretation

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers field verification

    • ​All field staff trained in US Army Corps of Engineers – Wetland Delineation

  • Public presentation: Local, State, Federal, Tribal, NGO, other

  • State of Washington classification and reporting protocols

  • And more! BCES can help with ANYTHING wetland related

Fisheries and Water

  • Application preparation and submittal for obtaining jurisdictional permits:

    1. individual or nation wide section 404 permits

    2. Individual or nation wide section 401 water quality certification

    3. CZMA consistency determination

  • Pre and post-development hydrological analysis​

  • Fisheries habitat assessment, restoration, creation and enhancement design

  • Stream habitat inventory, impact assessment and mitigation design

  • State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) checklist, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) assessment

  • Environmental documentation (SEPA & NEPA)

  • FEMA floodplain and letter of map revision assessment and impact qualifications

  • Water quality sampling, analysis and monitoring 

  • Shoreline Substantial Development permitting

  • Corps of Engineers Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) reporting

  • NOAA/NMFS – Floodplain Habitat Analysis reporting

  • WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife forage fish surveys


  • Mazama Pocket Gopher Assessments 

    • BCES is certified by the US Fish & Wildlife Service in providing Mazama Pocket Gopher field screening services to local governments and building permit applicants within Thurston and Pierce Counties.

  • Wildlife habitat assessment, restoration, creation and enhancement design

  • Endangered Species Act (ESA) compliance and permitting

  • Habitat banking design and implementation

  • Conservation easement assessment and monitoring

  • Wildlife recreation (Hunting and viewing) program development

  • Prairie restoration and enhancement

  • Recent Contributions:

I took a picture of some bears

From North Cascades National Park

Forestry​/ Backyard Habitat 
  • Forest practice rules permitting assistance

  • Habitat banking evaluation, design and permitting

  • GIS mapping for quantitative and qualitative assessment and interpretation

  • Backyard habitat creation and enhancement

Project Management

  • Administration

  • Fund raising

  • Project oversight/management

  • Preparations of plans and specifications

  • Data review/validation

  • Local, State and Federal Government interaction

  • NGO, Non-Profit interaction

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