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Washington Beaver Management

The North American Beaver (Castor canadensis) once had a massive impact on the ecology of Washington. As a keystone species, their presence affects the health of an entire ecosystem. Beaver Creek Environmental Services is proud to be actively engaged in bringing non-lethal Beaver management in the Puyallup River Watershed and across the Puget Sound. 


Why Should We care about beavers?


Beavers provide unlimited ecosystem benefits to endangered salmon and other fish spawning habitat by increasing fresh water storage, reducing sediment loading, and adjusting stream flow and temperature. In addition, beaver dams have been shown to reduce the effects of intense storms, recharge groundwater, retain water in the summer and decrease high winter flows. They also transform the landscape by increasing grazing opportunities for deer, elk, and other game species, while also creating a more productive landscape for birds and amphibians to utilize.


Methow Beaver Project - Special Presentation (3,28,18)


The public is invited to attend the monthly Puyallup River Watershed Council board meetings. The March 28th meeting will feature a 30-minute guest presentation by Kyla M. West, WDFW Biologist, on the Methow Beaver Project - an example of a successful beaver relocation program in Washington State. The presentation will start at approximately 4:00pm. You are welcome to attend the meeting starting at 3pm or come at 4pm.

Learn more about the project:

There is no cost to attend.

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